“What a joy it was to receive the unique musical healing experience of your 'Under the Piano' session. It was delightful (I loved the child-like playfulness of crawling under the piano!) and also a powerful journey into sound vibration. Something I will never forget - especially the feeling of the music notes dancing through my heart.

From our initial discussion, I felt like you created a soundtrack or score for my life.

Afterwards I felt both peaceful and nourished:  my mind was quiet and my body relaxed. Thank you for the beautiful gift of this personalized, improvised concert!”

About Jill Boadway

Jill is a professional chef who supports people to improve their health by including more whole, plant-based and lovingly prepared foods into their lives. Jill offers customized cooking classes, holistic culinary coaching, personal chef services and meditative dinner events.

Phone:  778.866.8788
Email:  jill@conscioustable.com
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