“Immediately I was reminded of my childhood living room forts, crawling in and feeling extra safe and cosy. As an adult, I felt awkward at first getting under the piano, but rapidly enjoyed the instant secure feeling. For 40 minutes I went on a journey of my brain trying to tell me this was an odd thing to do, to traveling with the vibrations that Craig provided in an improvised way. The last image was an appropriate rich reminder of when I was a little girl dancing away, solo, to the classical records while the adults visited in the kitchen. In the end, I didn’t want to emerge from under the piano as I was in a blissfully relaxed state. Thank you, Craig”

About Trilby Jeeves

Trilby is passionate about helping people break through their critical and overworked thoughts to reach the honest depths of instinctive performance. Her Buffoonery Workshops are fun-filled days of discovering how to find authentic performances for actors and, building self confidence, and an honest self for non-actors

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